Textile Industry Wastewater Treatment

Product Description

Pure Aqua is the foremost supplier of industrial wastewater treatment systems for the textile industry, which includes wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Our systems are designed to offer a comprehensive list of features and benefits such as:

  • Cost-effective
  • Ease-of-use
  • Environmental friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Reverts to oxygen
  • First-rate chemistries for Boiling & Cooling and Power & Energy water treatment
  • Capable of being retrofitted to new or existing treatment plant


The production of textile relies greatly on dependable and effective wastewater treatment. Water is necessary throughout the manufacturing process, from the creation of fabrics and yarns to textile finishing. Various chemicals and dyes are used during the processes that produce wastewater.


Ozonation Of Textile Wastewater

Ozone Treatment is one of our primary purification methods for the removal of wastewater from textiles. The utilization of ozonation in the textile wastewater treatment has grown in popularity due to substantial application potential. Ozone is a dependable oxidizing instrument in opposition to alternative oxidizing instruments, and is highly efficient in the degradation of chemicals and dyes.

American Textile Manufacturers

Our engineers here at Pure Aqua can provide tailor-made solutions that accommodate your budget and discharge requirements. The textile industry demands effective results in decreasing the color from dye and other finished activities in wastewater. Pure Aqua is committed to the development of advanced water treatment chemicals and technological solutions to assist in rectifying this issue, includin others such as surface water treatment. Generally, we have accomplished 100% wastewater recycling, granting the redirection of efficient resources to production sites.

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Advantages of Ozonation in Textile Industry Wastewater Treatment

  • Ozone removes color
  • Ozone eradicates odor
  • Ozone reduces chemical oxygen demand
  • Ozone lowers biochemical oxygen demand
  • Ozonation improves the effectiveness of biodegradation
  • Degrades quickly and leaves no dangerous byproducts
  • Elevates the productivity of filters
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