Landfill Leachate Wastewater Treatment System 40,000 GPD - Colombia

Product Description

Application: Hotels & Resorts

This is model UF-3 & BW-43K-2380 from our RO-400 Series.


Water Challenges: Water that becomes merges with landfill waste produced what is defined as “landfill leachate.” The water is generally brought by from the rain or wastewater, which makes its way through the landfill and liquidates the waste. Landfill Leachate produces a very distasteful odor and appears dark brown in color, thick and cloudy. It comprises of organic and inorganic substances, including microorganisms and bacteria, that culminates in the contamination of groundwater and increases health risks. Landfill leachate must be treated through a wastewater treatment plant, generally customized based on the substances present.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua recently completed a project for landfill leachate treatment in Colombia. We provided the end user with a custom solution based on their wastewater treatment needs. The specific application included all required pre- and post-treatment, as well as an ultrafiltration system, followed by a reverse osmosis system that produced 40,000 gallons per day. The wastewater treatment plant was mounted inside a standard 40’ container that included all interconnecting wiring and piping.



Pure Aqua specializes in water and selective wastewater treatment technology that are designed to purify the contamination brought by landfill leachate.




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    Quality service.

    Posted by Olivia S. on Aug 3rd 2018

    Great after sales service & Wastewater Treatment System

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