High Temperature RO System for Industrial and Commercial Applications

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Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Stainless steel filter housings, such as our SSC Series are optimal for high-temperature, maximum pressure applications, and usually are multi-purpose and interchangeable to work in conjunction with high-flow filters or bags. These features allow manufacturers the option to quickly optimize filtration types as the period and application needs. It also assists them in maximizing on their investments in material and equipment by allowing it to react swiftly and efficiently to changing needs.

High temperature water filter systems are sure to benefit any manufacturer with unmatched cost reductions, floor space savings, environmental safety, and improved quality and flexibility. In regards to water that has high flow or high TDS content, high temperature water filter systems are perfect supplements that work well in protecting equipment and meeting high quality standards. As these water filter systems become more commonly used in the water and chemical filtration industry, manufacturers will be fortunate to have a highly productive tool at their disposal. Most conventional stainless steel filter housings are not fit to handle high temperatures. For this reason, we have committed to supplying high temperature filter housings that are both long-lasting and efficient. If you require filtration for hot water then be sure to apply a high temperature filter housing and system for guaranteed safety. Call us now to get your high temperature water filter system or housing today!

High Temperature RO System for Industrial and Commercial Applications regarding the protection of water heaters and tanks to manage water hardness and scaling issues.


High temperature water filter systems are not only perfectly suitable for commercial and industrial applications, but provide an outstanding substitute to stainless and carbon steel vessels. Pure Aqua’s high temperature water filter systems reach up to 160°F, which is sufficient enough for most industrial applications including refinery, seawater desalination, food & beverage, etc.

The presence of profit-making high temperature water filters and housing systems provide remarkable advantages for manufacturers across many industries, including reverse osmosis pre-treatment, water filtration, and wastewater treatment. These filters are built for greater performance with large-scale filtration areas for the purposes of reducing the cost of replacement filters, minimizing environmental impact, and progressively making them the favored filtration choice.

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    Great solution for water treatment

    Posted by Fati Z. on May 19th 2020

    Thanks for the information about this unique process

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