Automatic Backwash Filters

Product Description

Tanks that have filtration media and utilize reverse flow of water to remove trapped particles are called backwashable filters in the water treatment industry. Backwashable filters receive their name due to their function in purifying and renewing themselves through backwashing. More precisely, backwashing forces the water to enter the bottom of the filter bed, which moves the particles upward and away from the resin bed, and effectively flushes out contaminants from the system and replaces them with air.

Requirements for backwashing filters: 

  • Placing this on high level surface 
  • High energy  
  • Sufficient flow and water pressure by rinsing 
  • Suitable Drain 
  • Security against freezing and sunlight

Automatic backwash filters are highly sought after over manual filters due to their ability to clean themselves instantly after differential pressure has been reached. This convenient capability is advantageous to water treatment plants in terms of saving costs and not requiring an external medium to clean filter elements. Automatic backwash filters utilize control panels to activate and monitor the backwashing process, which leads to zero interruptions during the operation. While manual filter’s initial price might be cheaper, it fails to provide the same level of operational security, quality maintenance, and preventing filtration interruptions as automatic backwash filters do. 

Recommended Systems would be our:


Advantages of Automatic Backwash Filters

One of the main benefits of multi-media filtration is its greater suitability for use in a closed pressure tanks since it minimizes breakthroughs in turbidity and cracking of the bed. Additionally, any need for visual examination is not required. Furthermore, more speedy filtration flow rates in multimedia backwash filters allow the use of smaller diameter tanks with similar or greater results.

  • Safeguard downstream materials and equipment
  • Greater effectiveness and reduction in pressure drops compared to single valve filters
  • Eradicates total dissolved solids from water up to 15-25 microns
  • Automatic backwash characteristics that provide easy maintenance, preserves filter effectiveness, and extends the life of the multimedia filter


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