How to Remove Trihalomethanes from Drinking Water

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What are THMs?

THMs stands for trihalomethanes, which are chemical elements that are the result of chlorine being used for water disinfection purposes. THMs comes about when organic matter is exposed to chlorine and are frequently seen more in surface water reserves.

Removal of THMs in the Water

The water treatment methods below are some of the most effective methods to use in minimizing THMs levels in drinking water and producing ultra pure water.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are often utilized for the removal of chlorine from city water. Chlorine is discharged from water treatment plants and travels through underground pipes to the point it reaches municipals and households. This occurrence creates THM’s since chlorine combined with organic substances produces Trihalomethanes. So in essence, activated carbon filtration prevents the formation of THM’s through the eradication of unwanted chlorine from water sources.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems have provided an excellent water treatment method in producing safe drinking water through the removal of harmful substances and chemicals such as THM’s.

The RO process is carried out through the utilization of semipermeable membranes that disallow dissolved solids and salts to pass through with the water, creating clean water free of unwanted substances.

According to many studies, reverse osmosis systems are the most effective water purification solution in eliminating THMs, pollutants, chlorine, lead, fluoride, and other microbiological organisms.

Water Softeners

The water softener systems are additional treatment solutions with great effectiveness in removing THMs in drinking water. Water softening can be employed and successful with the utilization of ion exchange resins.

The water softeners are highly potent at targeting and eliminating metals such as calcium, magnesium, and other types within hard water. Once this process is completed, soft water will arise which necessitates less soap for similar cleaning tasks. This saves businesses with costs of cleaning such as the mopping up of calcium ions.

UV Systems

Ultraviolet water filters function by transmitting UV rays or lights which are unable to be seen by the naked eye. UV sterilizers utilize special lamps that release UV light within specific wavelengths for the purposes of breaking down the DNA of microorganisms and chemicals such as THMs.

As water goes downstream through the UV water treatment system, the UV light effectively breaks down the chemical bonds between molecules, which eliminates chemicals including trihalomethanes. UV provides great benefits over other water treatment methods due to its capability of inactivating protozoa that threatens human health.

This treatment process is straightforward and highly effective in eliminating 100% of harmful contaminants such as micropollutants and chemicals without the usage of additional chemicals to the water.


What is the risk of elevated thms in water?

Most specialists in the water treatment industry believe that THMs are a real factor in the development of cancer. While the evidence in this relationship has not been fully backed and some other studies have shown a relation between THMs and detrimental birth outcomes.


Humans are vulnerable to THMs when drinking water contained chemical elements are consumed. Other water sources such as bath or shower water can also lead to a person’s exposure to THMS. For instance, THMS can be inhaled while taking a shower or become soaked in through the water during bathing.


Recommended systems would be our:


The necessity of removing high concentrations of THMs from water is for the benefit of human health and preventing the occurrence of illnesses such as cancer and negative reproductive results.

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