Twin Alternating Carbon Filtration 150 GPM - USA

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Pure Aqua successfully supplied ExxonMobil in Texas, USA with a skid mounted twin alternating activated carbon filtration system to remove chlorine from the water. The twin alternating activated carbon filtration system is composed of epoxy coated steel tanks designed with an advanced PLC control panel, chlorine analyzer, butterfly actuated valves, PVC sch 80 face piping, high quality acid washed coconut activated carbon media, differential pressure switch & gauge, in/out pressure gauges, and drain line flow controls (DLFC). The system was selected from our MF-1000 Series. ACF-72A uses a 72” diameter tank to handle a flow rate of 150 GPM.

Since its startup, the filtration system has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting. For satisfactory results, the system utilized the following grades of media: Acid Washed activated Carbon and Gravel.

Date: April 2013

Country: United States

System/Product: Skid Mounted Twin Alternating Carbon Filtration System

Flow Rate: 150 GPM


This project involved problems with low quality water that produces bad odor, taste, and aesthetic in many chlorinated water supplies.



Acid washed activated carbon strives to reduce the undesirable tastes, odors, and colors present in many chlorinated water supplies. For many years, acid washed activated carbon has been successful in reducing free chlorine from water supplies. It requires periodic backwashing to remove accumulated suspended matter and to re-grade the filter bed. Activation is carefully controlled to produce exceptionally high internal surface area with optimum pore size for the adsorption of a broad range of high and low molecular weight organic contaminants.  To obtain maximum efficiency of the activated carbon in the adsorption process, it is recommended to have the greatest possible surface area in the smallest practical volume.

Gravel is a naturally occurring, river washed, glacial deposit product. It contains excellent chemical properties such as high silica content and low soluble calcium, magnesium and iron compounds. It has a highly spherical shape that encourages good flow and equal distribution in support beds. Gravel is low in soluble impurities and it will maintain the quality of the treated water, especially in softeners. Gravel comes in three grades: coarse, medium, and fine. When loaded in the tanks, it must be loaded by grade: First coarse, then medium, then fine.

Activated Carbon Filtration Systems are great sources for removing odor, chlorine, color, and taste from water. These systems utilize granular activated carbon to carry out these tasks. Granular activated carbon (GAC) is a good media to reduce natural and synthetic soluble organic compounds from water and wastewater. However, it is considered to be costly and expensive media and periodically must be replaced. Finding ways to maximize the performance and life of carbon can save significant amount of money. Activated carbon is the most common method of removing odor, chlorine and color from water. However, it is not always the most appropriate method to remove color. Sometimes the color in water comes from silt or very small particles of suspended solids and not from dissolved solids. The particles imparting the color are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they do exist. If color results from these small particles, activated carbon is not the right way to remove it.

A multi-media filter or dual layer filter is the most efficient and most economical selection. It is always a good design to protect your activated carbon media filter by using a multi-media filter as a pretreatment, this will prolong the life of your GAC media, and saves your money.



  • Activated carbon filter [MF-1000 series: ACF-72A] 
  • Advanced PLC
  • Chlorine analyzer
  • Butterfly actuated valves
  • Acid washes coconut activaded carbon media
  • Differential pressue switch and gauge 
  • Drain flow control [DLFC]


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    High quality membranes!

    Posted by Soufine B. on Jan 17th 2018

    It is great as we have very good experience using those in our previous system.

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