Ultrafiltration & Nanofiltration System 20 GPM | CA, USA

Product Description

Country: United States

System/Product: Nanofiltration & Ultrafiltration

Flow Rate: 20

Components & Brands:
- Industrial UF Series
- NF-500 Series

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) are particles in water that are capable of being removed through filtration. TSS may comrpise of a great range of material, such as sediment, organic matter, solid waste, and other types of pollutants.

High levels of dissolved particles can contaminate groundwater and wreak havoc in the aquatic life.


This Industrial Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration system for the United States, can treat water at a rate of 20 Gallons per minute. The system consists of Pure Aqua, Inc.’s Industrial Ultrafiltration UF model, as well as its NF-500 nanofiltration model. These processes are commonly used to dissolve solids in water with the intention on softening and removing organic materials, and suspended particulates. This UF & NF unit was designed and manufacuted for a company in the USA. Common applications are for Reverse Osmosis pretreatments and drinking water treatments.


These systems are manufactured and designed to significantly improve uptime and reduce process water upkeep requirements for various industries.




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    Posted by Samantha B on May 22nd 2023

    An exceptionally state-of-the-art company

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