Ultrafiltration followed by 2 stage RO System | CA, USA | 40 GPM

Product Description

This project included the fabrication of an ultrafiltration system, a reverse osmosis system, and a clean-in-place (CIP) system. These systems were sent to CA, USA for a Pharmaceutical reuse application, with over 40 GPM of water being produced.


- Screen Filter

- Schedule 80 Face Piping

- Actuated Ball Valves

- SS Self Priming Pump

- Air Scouring System to Enhance Backwash

- S7-1200 PLC Main Control Panel

- Pre-filtration & RO System in One Skid

- Microprocessor Control Panel

- VFD to Control Pump Speed

- PA Standard CIP System


Water Challenges: CA, USA is confronted with water issues such as high turbidity surface water with high TDS levels. Waters around the country have high levels of suspended particles and other undesired pollutants, lowering the quality of irrigation water and putting people's health at risk.


Applied Solution: For turbidity reduction, ultrafiltration was given, and a sea water system was disseminated for TDS reduction. Ultrafiltration (UF) systems use a variety of membrane filtrations in which solvents are pushed against a very tiny membrane by pressure. They keep larger suspended particles and solids out while allowing water and minerals with a lower molecular weight to pass through.


  • Superior filtration performance with high flux
  • Very small nominal pore diameter (0.03 µm)
  • Efficiently gets rid of bacteria and viruses
  • Periodically back washed and air scoured to enhance overall performance and casting off the fouling layer to extend working life
  • Low fouling membrane modules
  • UF Outside-In or Inside-Out Configuration lets in reduced plugging and greater solids loading
  • Basic, vertical, modular plan approves low cost, compact systems
  • Effective membrane cleaning has a high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance



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    Posted by Zack F on May 22nd 2023

    An exceptionally state-of-the-art company

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