RO Cleaning System 80 GPM - USA

Product Description

Application: Cleaning Skid for Mineral Scale

This is model CS8-2 from our CS Series.

  • Two Pressure Vessels
  • SS pump
  • 5 micron cartridge filter
  • pH controller
  • HDPE tank

The RO cleaning skid is designed to clean RO membrane elements manually through a local control box placed on the skid.

Pure Aqua offers a full range of RO cleaning and antiscalant chemicals.


Water Challenges: Membranes in reverse osmosis (RO) or Nanofiltration (NF) elements can be fouled by biological matter, mineral scale, colloidal particles and insoluble organics. A loss in average product flow, average salt rejection or both can happen from deposit buildup on membrane surfaces during normal operation. Most RO membranes manufacturers recommend that elements should be cleaned when one or more of the following parameters present themselves:

  1. The salt passage increases 5 to 10 percent
  2. The permeate flow drops 10 percent
  3. Differential pressure between feed pressure and concentrate pressure increases 10 to 15 percent.



Applied Solution: A RO cleaning skid was manufactured and supplied to a major company in CA, USA. This cleaning skid was designed with the capability to clean 3 pressure vessels at a time. It came complete with a SS pump, 5 micron cartridge filter, electric-heater, mixer and a 275 gallon tank.



Membrane cleaning skids incorporate features that provide advantages such as mountability in permanent locations and maximum portability.




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  • 5
    Good Filtration System

    Posted by Matt C. on Mar 10th 2020

    That was the perfect fit for our water treatment project...the price was reasonable for the quality we got. Appreciated guys!

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