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Imagine the strength and purification power of a large-scale reverse osmosis plant. That power can now be at the fingertips of anyone anywhere in the world, and requiring only the space of a forty-foot container. A Pure Aqua CRO Series Containerized Reverse Osmosis System is a self-contained, turnkey system that can function on-the-go or as a permanent water treatment plant, able to start pumping high-quality product in less than a day after arrival on-site. Our containerized reverse osmosis systems are made to order, meaning your system will be specifically tailored to your water treatment requirements, containing all the amenities your reverse osmosis system could possibly need.

Containerized reverse osmosis systems are the future in membrane water treatment. Capable of producing up to one million gallons of water per day from a single fourty foot container, with built-in pretreatment and membrane cleaning, containerized systems are redefining the standards of water treatment plants worldwide.

Take the advantages of an industrial reverse osmosis system - high rejection of metals, minerals, and chemical contaminants, a high recovery rate, and sturdy built-to-last design - and make it portable, able to be transported anywhere in the world where potable water may be necessary. All these features can be yours in addition to a collection of benefits unique to containerized systems.

Each of our CRO series containerized reverse osmosis systems starts with a water need - your need, and goes from there. At Pure Aqua, we work directly with our clients from the ground up, keeping them involved with the construction and design of their containerized system every step of the way. The end product they recieve is a completely unique system tailored to their needs and specifications. Some of the special features that can be installed in a containerized system include insulation and centralized heating and cooling, keeping your industrial reverse osmosis system safe from even the harshest elements. A water purification plant can be available anywhere you can ship a twenty or forty-foot container.

Call Pure Aqua Inc. today to see how a CRO series containerized reverse osmosis system can revolutionize the way you provide potable water.

containerized-reverse-osmosis-systems up to 2 mgpd by Pure Aqua specs



Non Insulated Container Insulated Container
10ft 20ft 40ft 20ft 40ft
External Lenght (in) 120 240 480 240 480
External Width (in) 96 96 96 96 96
External Height (in) 102 102 114 102 114
Internal Lenght (in) 111 233 474 229 470
Internal Width (in) 92 92 92 88 88
Internal Height (in) 93 95 104 91 100
Tare weight (lbs) 3,200 4,800 7,300 6,500 9,400
Max shipping weight (lbs) 22,400 40,000 45,000 40,000 45,000
Access 1 double-door

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containerized-reverse-osmosis-systems up to 2 mgpd by Pure Aqua Features

Containerized Reverse Osmosis Plants

Containerized water treatment plants have many advantages over built-in plant room installations and have a plethora of special options available:

  • Plug and play unit
  • Mobile: useful for construction sites
  • Small foot print
  • Centralized atmospheric controls available
  • Training and servicing guidelines included
  • Easy transportation
  • Limited civil work (only container foundation)
  • Reinforced diamond-plate flooring available
  • Self-contained pre-treatment and cleaning available
  • Quick installation
  • Turnkey delivery: piping, cables, air conditioning
  • Insulation and weather protection available
  • Overall less expensive than a permanent structure



The ideal applications for a Containerized RO system include primarily include temporary installations or water supplies, labor camps (mining installations, construction, etc.), military water supplies, and disaster relief, but can also serve in almost any situation where a reverse osmosis plant is used:

  • Power and Energy
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Food & Drinking Water
  • Desalination
  • Mining
  • Water Recycling & Reuse
  • Treated Sewage Effluent
  • Off-Shore Applications
  • Island Applications
  • Fossil Water
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Dust Suppression
  • Boiler and Feed (Ultrapure) Water
  • Brackish Water
  • Armed Services
  • Aquifer Recharging 


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Here at Pure Aqua, Inc., we engineer and build all of our water treatment systems in-house.

Our turn-key water treatment systems are all pre-engineered using the latest CAD technology available.

This enables our teams to build and deliver treatment systems to our customers with quick turnaround times.

Many of our customers require custom engineered systems. These are typically built around similar core systems and thus allowing for improved turnaround times, even for one-off designs.

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