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Fleck 5812 Control Valve - Installation

Fleck 5812 Control Valve - Installation

Posted by Pure Aqua, Inc. on Sep 5th 2017

1. Be cautious when extracting the valve from the box and weight is liable to cause harm to property and persons in the event of an unintended impact during subsequent handling.

2. Make sure that all plumbing connections are tight and properly implemented before sending the water on the valve to avoid dangerous leaks of pressurized water.

3. Use caution when installing welded metal pipes near the valve, the heat can damage the valve's plastic body and the bypass.

4. Be careful not to let the valve's entire weight rest on fittings, valves or bypasses and vice versa.

5. Make sure the atmosphere in which the valve is mounted will not exceed temperatures that freeze water, the valve can be harmed.

6. Make sure the tank that contains the resin is vertical, otherwise the resin can penetrate and damage the valve.