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Pure Aqua - A Global Leader In Water Treatment

Pure Aqua - A Global Leader In Water Treatment

Posted by Pure Aqua, Inc. on Nov 14th 2018

Of the all the water on Earth, only less than 1% is available for drinking and everyday use. Harvesting this percent into pure drinking water is becoming a huge challenge for many governments, especially those who live in drought infested regions. Of the water that is available to people in those regions, water borne diseases usually are more prevalent. Sickness and death are constant companions in these regions as well. The need for clean water is becoming precarious, and countries are desperate for solutions. As part of this solution, water filtration systems were created to help aide in the fight against unhealthy non potable water.

Over the years there have been many amazing developments in creating quality industrial water filters for large water projects. One such development is the activated carbon filter. Activated carbon removes contaminants and impurities from the water using chemical absorption. Now carbon filters are just one of the many different types that are available on the market. They are also one of the most common filters as well. In the case of reverse osmosis water treatment units, carbon filters are an important step of the filtering and purification process. This filter removes certain solids as well as chlorine, odors, and other organics from the water. This step is also crucial as it helps to keep the membranes within the unit cleaner and to extend their life.

At Pure Aqua, a global leader in water treatment, activated carbon filters are just one of the many types they offer in their systems. From commercial to industrial applications, when it comes to water filters, Pure Aqua offers a complete line ranging from commercial to industrial water filter systems. Their full line of industrial water filters range from the MF 600 series to the MF 1100 series. These systems are heavy duty and can remove many impurities and contaminants such as odors, bad tastes, chlorine, iron, and other suspended particles form water.