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Pure Aqua, Inc. - A Leading Water Treatment Company

Pure Aqua, Inc. - A Leading Water Treatment Company

Posted by Pure Aqua, Inc. on Apr 8th 2020

Hard to remove water spots and rust stains getting you down? Tired of your dishes having that chalky appearance after coming out of the dishwasher? You have hard water and it is the nemesis of all house hold appliances that use tap water. Hard water refers to water that contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other materials.

A lot of tap water that comes from city water plants is hard water. Ground water also often contains these materials and minerals. They get in the water by dissolving into it from the surrounding soil and rocks that are rich with these minerals. When this water is used it can cause many problems such as, rusting of pipes and plumbing, the aforementioned water spots on appliances and dishes, that non-lathery feel when you use soap and it doesn’t foam up, you get the point. The fact of the matter is that hard water is a nuisance, but it can be taken care of. With the help of water softeners, hard water can be nipped in the bud and no longer be allowed to wreak havoc on residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Water softener systems consist of a fiberglass, stainless steel, or steel tank depending on the application. Sometimes a twin tank application is required. These are then accompanied by a timered valve and a brine tank to hold the resin that is used. During the process, calcium and magnesium in the water are chemically replaced by an ion exchange with resin or salt, thus removing the offending minerals and softening the water for usage.

If hard water is not properly taken care of it can do a lot of damage. In private homes, the use of hard water usage can lead to clogged pipes, lime scale build-up on bathroom and kitchen fixtures, water spots on tea kettles, coffee makers, dishes and other appliances. Hard water can also do damage to clothing, leaving rust stains behind during laundry cycles. There is also a chemical reaction that happens where soap is unable to lather, leaving one feeling un-clean.

In a commercial or industrial setting, hard water can damage piping, plumbing and boiler feeds. In  water treatment application systems, lime scale build-up due to hard water can cause the membranes inside to scale or foul, leading to a slow in production. This is where treating the water with a softener is necessary. Water softening is a process that removes the hardness from hard water so that it can be used in water treatment applications and in a residential household.

Pure Aqua, Inc. is a premier water treatment company that specializes in all types of water application units including water softening systems. At their headquarters in Southern California, they design and manufacture industry standard and  custom water treatment systems, exporting them all over the world.