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9 Advantages of Seawater Desalination Systems

9 Advantages of Seawater Desalination Systems

Posted by Pure Aqua, Inc. on Oct 11th 2018

Desalination is a water supply option that is used widely around the world and involves taking the salt out of water to make it drinkable. Desalination not only eliminates salt from your water, but it also eliminates potentially hazardous minerals and compounds. Microorganisms are removed by physically separating them via chemical procedures. Desalination systems utilize membranes that contain pores narrow enough to trap particles and organic substances as the product water flows through.

Benefits of Seawater Desalination:

Here are the main benefits of desalination that shows why desalination is a viable alternative to existing freshwater resources: 

  1. Provides people with potable water (clean & fresh drinking water).
  2. Provides water to the agricultural industry.
  3. Water quality is safe (not dangerous or hazardous to any living thing).
  4. Uses tried-and-tested technology (the method is proven and effective).
  5. Helps preserve current freshwater supplies.
  6. Unlimited ocean water as source.
  7. Independent of changing factors.
  8. Plants are safely located.
  9. Help with habitat protection.

[1]  Seawater reverse osmosis systems remove dissolved salts and other minerals from seawater and turn it to drinking water which provide a solution for areas that have limited resources of fresh water and a reliable alternative source of water in times of severe drought

[2] Desalination also produces water that can be used for irrigation, which is great for arid regions or in many areas around the world that are experiencing droughts.

[3] Progressive improvements in the performance of RO membranes have greatly enhanced the use of seawater desalination as an alternative for fresh and potable water production. 

[4] Seawater desalination systems have been in use for decades now, and its method has been proven effective in creating fresh sources of drinking high quality water that is considered to be safe and reliable. The process has been tried and tested in many industries and applications over the years.

[5] As the freshwater supply on our plant is limited, we should preserve its resources by utilizing the method of desalination to eliminate water shortage crisis that the world might face.

[6] Seawater is almost an inexhaustible source to produce freshwater through desalination, so even in times of droughts, there will be sufficient access to fresh water supply.

[7] Unlike other solutions that heavily rely on uncontrollable factors like rain or snowfall, seawater desalination systems do not rely on anything other than the ocean or seawater.

[8] Desalination plants are usually located away from residential areas and some of them are located in industrial areas, so they don’t put residential areas at risk.

[9] Desalination plants can reduce the pressure on freshwater sources. Seeing the ocean as a water supply, might help with increase the awareness in protecting our oceans.

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