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High Pure Water Filters

High Pure Water Filters

Posted by Pure Aqua, Inc. on Aug 27th 2020

High pure water filters are designed to provide users with unmatched effectiveness in removing undesirable components that the water already contains. Water filters are increasingly becoming more in usage to maintain adequate supply of clean water to society for many purposes, including avoiding diseases and unhealthy crops. As the water is filtered, so are all presence of chemicals such as solids and gasses. Ultimately, the primary objective for water filtration is to produce water that is suitable for a specific process. 

Other than human consumption, high pure water filters have become popular for a number of other important utilization's such as: food & beverage water treatment, chemical processing, pharmaceutical water treatmentagriculture, oil & gas industry, industrial water treatment, utilities, and industrial requirements that all consist of water criteria required to be met.

Benefits of High Pure Water Filters

Water filtration works best in eliminating unwanted sediments and particles from your water supply, including removing chlorine, calcium, manganese, iron, arsenic, and stabilizing the water acidity. Furthermore, these filters do well in taking out turbidity, which induces bad texture (cloudiness) through the growth of algae, higher temperature, unpleasant taste, smell, and color. While deemed as a simplistic, many because of a basic design structure, the process of a high pure water filter is rather sophisticated and is utilized for wastewater treatment, boiler feed treatmentcooling towers, uv sterilizers, hydrocarbon, metal working fluids, city water, and more.

Ultimately, different industries have their own water treatment requirements, and every water supply has higher/low degrees of specific impurities that are harmful. For this reason, using a high pure water filter is essential for the removal of all types of unwanted substances to ensure the most quality water production. Conducting a water analysis is first step that is necessary to ascertain the overall condition of your water supply, and then choosing the correct type of water filter for your application will be easy to do. 

With the backing of our high pure water filters, businesses will not have to fear negative evaluations from municipal water authority agencies in regards to issues concerning their water quality. Business expenses will be decreased as costs for requiring chemicals for cleaning will be diminished, no scaling occurring on business equipment will lead to much less maintenance and repairs, lower energy consumption, good nutrition for employees resulting in higher productivity, and higher quality of beverages (that use the filtered water) being produced. 

High Pure Water Filters: Processes

Pure Aqua offers a large section of systems, products, and services that utilize water filtration processes to meet the needs water quality standards of our clients and third-party organizations. Our engineers have 20+ years of experience employing tried and tested strategies to vastly improve the performance of these high pure water filters in order to maximize results. 

Our industrial and commercial water filters are fully manufactured at Pure Aqua's headquarters. These high pure water filters incorporate vessels that are made up of steel and covered with corrosion-resistant coating, compact resin within, and a synthetic colored substance on the outside. In addition, there is an automatic backwash valve that is driven by an time controller that schedules backwash periods, including a flow controller that monitors backwash flow.

Pure Aqua's Water Filtration Systems

Pure Aqua delivers a comprehensive list of water filtration solutions that include small to large systems. The type of high pure water filter that will be most suitable to your application will depend on what we find in our water diagnosis. Here are the following solutions:

  • Water Media Filters - Utilizes more than one filtration media to eliminate a broad range of impurities
  • Cartridge Filters - Most effective against smaller, fine contaminants (concentration less than 50 ppm)
  • Carbon Filters - Very porous, and require no chemicals. Removes a number of contaminants including volatile organic compounds (VOC's)
  • Sand Filters - Low maintenance, easy backwashing, and great for removing dirt and debris through its compact design
  • UV Water Sterilizers - Most effective disinfection system. Unmatched in destroying bacteria, viruses, and other germicidal organisms
  • Water Softener Systems - Terrific for reducing water hardness which leads to a massive amount of benefits to households and businesses
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems - Extremely powerful & advanced technology. Primarily used for desalinating and removing all dissolved solids from tap, brackish, and seawater.

Health Benefits of High Pure Water Filters

While businesses that use high quantities of water realize the benefits of high pure water filters to their pocket books and productivity, the general public have yet to full understand the importance they have to their health. For instance, hard water is known to increase business costs by breaking down equipment through scaling formations and requiring replacement of specific parts and components of worn down units. However, untreated water can contain microorganisms that are known to lead to cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Although bottled water is generally not much safer to consume than tap water in most areas around the world, tap water frequently contains more chemicals that can cause serious health problems. These issues are exacerbated by lax chemical pollution standards for tap water, which only highlight organic pollutants that make you immediately sick.

The last several years have seen an increase in chloramines to water supply by most municipalities, which act as an absorbent to hazardous metals like lead and copper. This leads to an unhealthy degree of these metals to municipal water supplies. In addition, elevated levels of chlorine in these water sources make for higher chances of contracting specific types of skin irritations, cancer, and asthma, that can occur while your showing in your home!

These alarming facts have significantly increased the need for high pure water filters to become a more prominent player in the water industry to prevent these problems from worsening.