Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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What are cooling tower water treatment systems?

Cooling tower water treatment systems are an assortment of automations that eliminate detrimental contamination from cooling tower feed water and other industrial water sources. The features within your cooling water treatment system will rely on several factors, such as:

  • The variety of cooling tower you possess
  • The condition of your feed water
  • State of the circulatory water
  • Regulatory specifications for discharge
  • Determining if blowdown will be treated or left untreated
  • Cycle of concentration
  • The makeup of your heat exchanger
  • Quality standard of cooling tower and equipment

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices used for cooling water or concentrating stream from industrial processes. In regards to industrial applications that utilize cooling towers, a variety of cooling tower water treatment system is generally needed to guarantee an efficient procedure and durable equipment service life. In the chance that the cooling tower is left untreated, organic build-up, scaling, erosion, and fouling will leave the plant in an unproductive state, causing plant downtime and consequently requiring expensive equipment replacements.


What are the components in cooling tower water treatment systems?

As aforementioned, the precise components of a cooling water treatment system relies on the condition of the feed water and chemistry of circulatory water in regards to the grade of water required for the particular cooling tower and associated equipment. Generally, most cooling tower water treatment systems incorporate some kind of:

Placing reliance on the contaminants in your water, any mixture of these treatment solutions will be suitable for your industrial facility and comprise of your cooling tower water treatment system. For this reason, it is imperative to speak with your water treatment expert to guarantee the perfect system for your specific tower in order to be considered. These conditions are usually sufficient for most cooling tower and process needs. However, if your cooling tower needs a cooling water treatment system that delivers further customization, then there might be some additional features and components needed.

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