TSS Water Treatment

Product Description

Most industrial and commercial manufacturing applications need state-of-the-art wastewater systems for effective total suspended solids (TSS) reduction. Pure Aqua offers industries with unmatched water treatment solutions. As industrial and commercial production continues to expand, the degree of wastewater byproducts also increases. Industries that are capable of releasing wastewater into provisional waterways or sewers are being given serious regulations on the levels of TSS in wastewater. Suspended solids are described as the total amount of suspended organic matter within a feed water that is capable of eradication by water filters.

How to Remove TSS from Water with Water Purification Systems

The urgency to remove the total suspended solids in water is prevalent among most industrial power and energy plants that treat water. TSS is a scale of the suspended material in the feed water, and if there happens to be a high degree of TSS levels, then the safety and performance of your water treatment equipment can be greatly affected. Elevated TSS levels can also have a negative effect on the environment, and compromise the health of any living organism that is exposed to these unpalatable waters. The amount of total suspended solids in the water must be reduced to a certain level before the water can be released or reused.


Why Is TSS Removal From Water Important?

Measuring the TSS of your water is vital to any water purification process and to the health of our environment. Highly contaminated water consists of a great degree of suspended organic and inorganic matter that need to be removed through pre-filtration, and post-filtration processes. Additionally, total suspended solids have a negative impact on ultraviolet disinfection by requiring greater intensity from the UV lights for effective disinfection, raising power and energy costs. If TSS is not eradicated correctly through treatment, high concentrations will likely reduce the quality of the water. Furthermore, TSS absorbs light, which causes elevated water temperature and lower oxygen that harms the environment aquatic life.



At Pure Aqua, we provide all the necessary features you need to effectively lower or remove the TSS from water at your plant, which includes:

  • Wide assortment of water purification systems such as industrial filter presses, chemical dosing systems, clarification and mixing tanks, etc. These systems are manufactured with durable, large-scale parts and priority on automation.
  • Variety of chemical products, including specific mixes that can be tailored to your needs. These chemicals include, coagulants, flocculants, antiscalant, biocide, acid dosing, and clay products, that can be customized in different sizes to be compatible with your operation.
  • Diversification of support services which assures that the installation, purchasing, and continued performance of your operation goes evenly.
  • Ultrafiltration is an efficient ultrafiltration process for the removal of suspended solids and microscopic contaminants from feed water. An ultrafiltration system is sometimes chosen over a reverse osmosis system due to its capacity to save more water during the treatment. The UF membrane is designed to eliminate suspended solids thousands of times smaller than the human hair, and provides up to a 100% removal rate in these contaminants.



Our Track Record of Success

Our clients have depended on us to provide a variety of industrial and municipal solutions related to TSS reduction since our founding in 2001. With each industry, Pure Aqua has proven our importance through unmatched performance in manufacturing custom water treatment systems that satisfies their specific requirements, which includes reducing TSS levels, viruses, metal ions, and other unwanted contaminants.

To attain more information on how to effectively removw TSS in the water at your establishment, contact the team at Pure Aqua today.


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