The consistency of a liquid is a proportion of its protection from distortion at a given rate. For fluids, it relates to the casual idea of "thickness": for instance, syrup has a higher consistency than water.

Thickness can be conceptualized as evaluating the inward frictional power that emerges between adjoining layers of liquid that are in relative movement. For example, when a liquid is constrained through a cylinder, it streams more rapidly close to the cylinder's hub than close to its dividers. In such a case, tests show that some pressure, (for example, a weight contrast between the two parts of the bargains) is expected to support the move through the cylinder. This is on the grounds that a power is required to defeat the grating between the layers of the liquid which are in relative movement: the quality of this power is corresponding to the consistency.

A liquid that has no protection from shear pressure is known as a perfect or inviscid liquid. Zero thickness is watched distinctly at exceptionally low temperatures in superfluid's. Something else, the second law of thermodynamics requires all liquids to have positive thickness such liquids are in fact said to be gooey or viscid. A liquid with a high thickness, for example, pitch, may give off an impression of being a strong.


1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 1000 Centipoise
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 10 Dyne second / centimetre2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.0102 Gram force seconds / centimetre2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 10 Gram / centimetre second
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.102 Kilogram force seconds / metre2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 3600 Kilogram / metre hour
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 1 Kilogram / metre second
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 107 Micropoise
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 1 Newton Second / metre2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 10 Poise
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.0209 Pound force seconds / ft2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.000145 Pound force seconds / in2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 2419.1 Pound / foot hour
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.672 Pound / foot second
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.056 Pound / inch second
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.672 Poundal seconds / ft2
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.000145 Reyn
1 Pascal second (Poiseuille) = 0.0209 Slugs / foot second