Units, symbols and conversion values used in this area calculator

To Convert from UnitUnit Symboland Convert to ( m2 )Multiply by ( m2 / Unit )
square inch in2 square meter 0.00064516
square foot ft2 square meter 0.09290304
square yard yd2 square meter 0.83612736
square mile mi2 square meter 2589988. 110336
acre ac square meter 4046. 8564224
hectare ha square meter 10000
square millimeter mm2 square meter 0.000001
square centimeter cm2 square meter 0.0001
square meter m2 square meter 1
square kilometer km2 square meter 1000000


The surface region of a strong item is a proportion of the all out region that the outside of the article involves. The scientific meaning of surface region within the sight of bended surfaces is impressively more required than the meaning of circular segment length of one-dimensional bends, or of the surface zone for polyhedra (i.e., objects with level polygonal appearances), for which the surface territory is the whole of the zones of its countenances. Smooth surfaces, for example, a circle, are relegated surface territory utilizing their portrayal as parametric surfaces. This meaning of surface territory depends on techniques for little analytics and includes incomplete subsidiaries and twofold reconciliation.