Our LSI calculator helps users ascertain the likelihood of scaling within your feed water by utilizing the Langelier Saturation Index. LSI is used to determine if your water supply has a presence of scale forming deposits (positve LSI) or corrosion conditions (low LSI). When your LSI is at 0.00 then it considered to be at its equilibrium, but the ideal range is usually between -0.30 and +0.30. Our LSI calculator will aid users in ensuring that their LSI scale is between 0.00 and +0.30 since a higher LSI score is preferable due to scale being a much less harmful occurrence than issues regarding corrosion.

The LSI is perhaps the most commonly employed cooling water scale potential predictor. It is strictly an equilibrium index and only concerns with the thermodynamic main driver for the development of calcium carbonate scales. The LSI calculator does not include the amount of calcium carbonate or scale can actually precipitate to carry water to balance.

The pH is considered as the master variable and it merely demonstrates the primary cause for scale creation and growth. The alkalinity, calcium, the total suspended solids, the real pH, and the water temperature need to be known in order to calculate the LSI.