Determining Water Softener Size for Maximum Efficiency

One of the initial steps to take before purchasing a water softener is to ensure its the right size. A water softener system that is too small will not efficiently reduce the hardness in your water body. On the other hand, a system that is too large will have much higher cost and require a greater deal of maintenance. For this reason, we have created a water softener sizing calculator so users can avoid these issues. 

The productivity of your water softener directs how much salt you need to purchase, how much salt you need to haul, and how much salt gets released to the earth. Estimating a softener and considering its salt effectiveness will guarantee you buy a softener that never comes up short on delicate water yet additionally utilizes minimal measure of salt as could reasonably be expected. Over the life expectancy of the water softener, this means critical cost investment funds and simplicity of proprietorship.

How To Properly Size a Water Softener

The key to correctly sizing a water softener is to adapt your particular water quality and water usage to a system that is large enough to reduce sodium use while minimizing water hardness.

The initial phase in appropriately sizing your softener is to ascertain your "day by day relaxing necessity". This is just a proportion of how a lot of hardness your softener should expel day by day. Every day relaxing necessity is determined utilizing your water hardness data and your water utilization.