Nanofiltration (NF) is a generally ongoing layer filtration process utilized regularly with low all out disintegrated solids water, for example, surface water and crisp groundwater, to mollify (polyvalent cation evacuation) and expulsion of sterilization side-effect forerunners, for example, common natural issue and engineered natural matter.

Nanofiltration is additionally getting all the more generally utilized in nourishment preparing applications, for example, dairy, for synchronous fixation and incomplete (monovalent particle) demineralisation.


Nanofiltration is a film filtration-based strategy that utilizes nanometer measured through-pores that go through the layer. Nanofiltration films have pore sizes from 1-10 nanometers, littler than that utilized in microfiltration and ultrafiltration, yet only bigger than that in turn around assimilation. Layers utilized are transcendently made from polymer flimsy movies. Materials that are ordinarily utilized incorporate polyethylene terephthalate or metals, for example, aluminum.