Water Treatment Calculators

Pure Aqua offers water treatment calculators and units’ converters to help you evaluate and select your water treatment systems properly. With these calculators, you can calculate and convert US units to the standard units (SI-units). This is useful for Pure Aqua customers since we sell our water treatment systems all over the world.

This page allows you to determine your best water treatment system conditions, calculate RO or NF running cost, RO recovery ratio, water softener or IX capacity, chemical dosing systems, determine energy savings and others.


power consumption calculators

Provided below is a set of calculation tools to aid in Projecting the power consumption of our membrane based water treatment systems.


chemical dosing calculators

The set of calculation tools below can be used to to determine the correct dosing rates based of your Volume and water makeup.


operating costs calculators

Operators can use the set of calculation tools below to aid in projecting the operating costs of our media and membrane based water treatment systems.


process calculators

Process calculations for water treatment applications can be helpful in determining the optimal perfomance settings for your system.


sizing calculators

Below is a set of calculation tools to aid in determining appropriate sized filters required of a given set of operational requirements.


conversions calculators

The conversion calculators below will convert between common water quality measurement units.