A water treatment pond that speeds up biological decomposition of organic waste by stimulating the growth and activity of bacteria, which are responsible for the degradation. Bacteria that reside in water sources that contain excrements require dissolved oxygen. Aerated lagoons are designed to be located on surface areas due to needing oxygen from the air and sunlight for the development of oxygen-producing algae. Wastewater treatment is a common application that requires the utilization of aerated lagoons. One of the great benefits of aerated lagoons is the lack of odor brought about during operations.

Other benefits of aerated lagoons are shown in the following:

  • Portability - Moving aerated lagoons is a simple process as they can be disconnected from its attachments and pulled to another location
  • Simple Installation - Installing aerators can be done without compromising other items in little to no time before it is ready to be up and running.
  • Great in Harsh Environments - The stainless steel features of the aerators make it adaptable for the harshest environments
  • Efficient throughout Shallow Water - Since aerated lagoons work best on surface areas, it is suitable in shallow water