Aggressive water is soft and acidic and can corrode plumbing, pipes, and appliances. This kind of water usually contains an inordinate amount of carbon dioxide deposits. The reason it is labeled as “aggressive” is due to its high propensity to strike surfaces that possess metals such as copper and iron, or calcium. Aggressive water routinely produces scales of carbonates which can be referred to as water scale, and at times will target calcium. The corrosive effects of the increase of scaling deposits can be seen in the form of staining on surfaces, walls, clothing, and even a person’s body (hair).

For the reasons mentioned above, aggressive water is not suitable for swimming pools. As the quality of swimming pool water is reduced because of the aggressivity, corrosion will cause damages that will require maintenance for continued usage. Pool owners must maintain an eye on balance levels of the swimming water by injecting chemicals for the safety of users. However, great care should be established when inserting chemicals to the pool water, as too much will bring about other issues.