The process of backwashing works by reversing the flow of water back through the filter media to remove entrapped solids. This sequence is done through the use of tanks (backwash filters) which have filtration media that is needed for the water treatment. The first stage of the backwashing process is sending the water flow in a reverse direction by lifting the media bed and rinsing free debris. Then the settling rinse process begins and normal water is brought back through the settling media bed while rinsing out unwanted debris. There is also a control valve that is used to automatically backwash at specific schedules set at your own choice. Other features that are incorporated in backwashing filters include:

  • Fiberglass filter tank
  • Distributor tube
  • Catalytic filter media
  • Gravel underbedding

All of these parts work to filter the dirty water coming in and producing clean water on the other end. The clean water is moved upwards along the distribution tube and is released through the filter.