Salts containing the anion HCO3-. When acid is added, this ion breaks into H2O and CO2, and acts as a buffer. For this reason, bicarbonates represent an important component in the human body. Bicarbonate is a major element in our body. Exuded by the stomach, bicarbonate plays an important role in our digestive systems. For instance, when absorbed with mineral water it aids in the reduction of lactic acid that is produced during physical activities, while also diminishing the acidity of dietary components. Lastly, bicarbonates are helpful in averting the detrimental effects of cavities in our teeth. Since bicarbonates are existent in human bodily fluids and organs, it will be a vital element in balancing acid-bases in our bodies. The stomach comprises the first human organ that stores the water, beverages, and food within the body. Mucus membranes are utilized from the stomach, which contains severalls millions of glands that release bicarbonates, and acid in the form of gastric juice. As a result, a good deal of bicarbonates are produced on a daily basis in the human stomach, which is needed due to this organ (stomach) being the first line of defense against unwanted substances.