Water that contains waste of humans, animals or food. Black water causes detrimental effects to the environment, more so than any other type of contaminated water. It is a type of water that causes damage through sewage backups which works in releasing sewage water into the environment. One such type of blackwater are decentralized floods that have less predictability which makes it harder for them to handle. Blackwater can also be identified within overflows of rain water. However, the main problem concerning black water is first identifying it. The highly contaminated water does not always appear as black in color regardless of its name. Blackwater is simply a given water that has been polluted with waste, fungi or waste. The last thing that is recommended is to underestimate the hazardous effects of blackwater, including the damages that it can have on your property. Trying to handle it yourself is ill-advised, so please contact a water professional that has experience in blackwater treatment.