Water that is sold in plastic containers for drinking water and/ or domestic use, and it can be treated using high brackish reverse osmosis. Some bottled water beverages are produced only in certain regions and arise from natural sources such as groundwater, lakes, rivers, and springs. Despite this, most contemporary bottled water products are produced from tap water.Some bottled water products are geological. Are Bottled Water Worth It? Bottled water provides benefits that are primarily along the line of freshness and comfort. However, the costs of buying bottled water on a consistent basis, rather than depending on tap water with recycled cups or canteens. Bottled water is estimated to have up to a thousand times more cost than tap water. Also it creates more harm to the environment through the releasement of plastic wastes that require a lot of resources to produce. This occurrence leads to large amounts of plastics ending up in landfill wastes, and transporting massive quantities of water by using fuel.