Candle filters are relatively coarse aperture filters, designed to retain a coat of filter medium on an extended surface.These filters can be produced from clay and utilized to filter consumable water for the purposes of eliminating suspended solids, pathogens, and turbidity. This process is done through physical removal with the usage of adsorption or machine trapping (tiny pores). The candle within the filter is placed at the bottom in order to absorb the incoming water from two containers at the uppermost layer. After the water has gone through the candle, it will be situated in the lower container. What makes this process effective is that it purifies water by providing secure storage until it is ready to be used. There is no energy that is required and the filters are simple to install. Maintenance is not exhaustive since it only necessitates consistent scrubbing with a tool (brush) and delicacy during transport or usage. Candle filters can also have a positive impact on local commerce through the utilization of materials not always used by other constructions.