Membranes about the thickness of a human hair, used for Reverse Osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration.These membranes are featured with small diameters that make for wide surfaces and great density for packing in every membrane module. The makeup of the capillary membrane for a great range of feeds, including high concentrations of solids. The separation components of capillary membranes are ascertained by the size of pore (smallest), and where it is located, within the outside, inside or inside the membrane wall. Your specific filtration needs will determine the right dimensions and pore size. Capillary membrane hold certain advantages over other membranes such as flat-sheet and spacer-operated membranes. These advantages consist of:

  • Less likely to clog up
  • Easier to remove building up foulants through backflushing and filtration flow reversals
  • More effective permeation