Any dissolved pollutant that can induce cancer.A carcinogen is a substance that comprises pollutants which can cause cancer in the tissues of living beings. When a person is exposed to carcinogen from absorption, ingestion, or inhalation, it can take up the form of different substances that affect our DNA by altering it at the cellular level. Alterations can consist of changes in the rate of cell fractionalization, which raises the potential of unusual DNA synthesis. Terminal illnesses such as cancer have a high probability of arising and spreading throughout the human body due to this occurrence. People encounter carcinogens on a frequent basis within our environment. Common carcinogens consist of:

  • Pesticides that are used to control bugs
  • Arsenic
  • Radon
  • Control bugs
  • Tobacco
  • Asbestos

Much of the products we spend our money on also have carcinogens present in them, such as our foods and beverages. While some carcinogens are natural based, others are made directly from laboratories and make their way to the products we buy at the grocery store.