Commercial Brackish RO Units 2 x 1,500 GPD - Poland

Product Description

Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied two commercial brackish water RO unit to a major company Pi Trading in Poland using microprocessor control panel.

Brackish water reverse osmosis would work to purify water that comes from a well, lake, or river. Brackish water is typically a combination of pure water and seawater leaving in at a medium level of salinity. A medium level of salinity however, is not acceptable for consumption. The process in which the water goes through in order to be pure is referred to as reverse osmosis.  Reverse osmosis provides those who do not have consumable water with the opportunity to purify a necessity for livelihood. Totally dissolved solids (TDS) and total suspended solids (TSS) are lowered due to reverse osmosis which reflect in how many parts per million (ppm) are in your drinking water. The normal ppm for consumable water would be around 500-600, however, the majority of places around the world well exceed that with thousands of ppms making it difficult to survive. Reverse osmosis offers those who need it, pure water.

Country: Poland

Capacity: 2 x 1,500 GPD

Date: August 2012

System/Product: Commercial Brackish Reverse Osmosis

Components & Brands:
- Microprocessor control panel 


Water Challenges: The characteristics of chemicals throughout groundwater is determined by the gases and minerals reacting with the water in its generally slow passage through the Earth’s crust. Extensive variations in groundwater quality are brought by many variables in various water sources. Dissolved minerals such as silica and sulphate produce corrosiveness among water which leads to the deterioration of water treatment equipment, steam boilers, water pipes, etc. Measures to avoid this from occurring involves utilizing active agents that work to minimize these unwanted effects and maintaining pH stability in treated water. If properly treated, the feed water will reach a balance where the additional of more dissolved substances will no longer occur.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures reverse osmosis systems that are designed to target and eliminate elevated levels of silica and sulphate. Reverse osmosis has become the main water treatment method for the removal of these compounds, desalination, and industrial wastewater. RO systems provide great versatility and ubiquity in complex industrial applications, specifically ones that involve removing scaling and fouling substances such as silica and sulphate.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.




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    Resolved our water problems

    Posted by Stevan W. on Aug 10th 2013

    We got 2 desalination systems for our location and it is running fine for over 3 month now. Thank you

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