Commercial Brackish Water RO Devices 6000 GPD - UAE

Product Description

The commercial brackish water reverse osmosis units were selected from our RO-200 series, model numbers TW-0.6K-125 through TW-6.0K-440. These units consists of high rejection, TFC spiral wound membranes that have a recovery rate of 60% for permeate water. Each unit has an advanced microprocessor control panel, used to navigate and measure the flow rates. Most of these models use 1 to 4 membranes for water and salt separation. Reverse osmosis occurs when the water is moved across the membrane against the concentration gradient, from lower concentration to higher concentration. The water pressure is exerted on the side of the membrane with the concentrated solution to force the water molecules across the membrane to the fresh water side.

Each unit has the capacity to clean water with a TDS of 2,000 ppm or lower, being able to clean tap water and high salinity water. All of these units are designed to operate at a temperature range of 25 Celsius or above. These systems are capable of removing salts and other impurities with a molecular weight greater than 150-250 Dalton. The feed water first passes through a heavy duty 5 micron sediment filter to remove odor and taste, it then goes through an RO membrane for the separation of salt and water. In the final stage the water gets post treated through an ultra violet sterilizer to disinfect the water before consumption. Each unit is equipped with a low and high pressure switch for safety precaution.

Country: UAE

System/Product: Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System

Flow Rate: 6,000 GPD

Components & Brands:
-  Fifteen RO200 units


Brackish water is water that is taken from estuaries and river openings. It salt concentration falls in between fresh water and seawater. Not as pure as fresh water, yet not as salty as seawater. Its mild salty concentration is discouraged for human consumption. To generate purified water from brackish water, a water filtration system relies on a method called "reverse osmosis".



Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied to a major water treatment company in Dubai UAE, more than 15 units of Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) devices. Each model was designed to produce different capacities between 1,500 GPD to 6,000 GPD at a maximum 2000 ppm feed water TDS. Reverse osmosis is often used in commercial and residential water filtration. It is also one of the methods used to desalinate seawater for industrial and commercial usage.



  • Minimal civil work and construction
  • Small footprint
  • Plug and play installation
  • High-quality components (Grundfos pumps, DOW Filmtec membranes, Codeline vessels, Pure Aqua microprocessor control panel)
  • High recovery design
  • High rejection membranes
  • Low energy and chemical consumption




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  • 5
    Such good service

    Posted by Ion M. on Feb 19th 2020

    The RO we purchased came with the pre-treatment (media filters and chemical systems).

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