Commercial BWRO System 6000 GPD - Indonesia

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Reverse osmosis consists of reversing a natural process called "Osmosis". Osmosis naturally carries salt through a semi-porous membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of higher solute concentration with the purpose of gaining an equilibrium of solute concentration on both sides of the membrane. Reverse osmosis combats osmosis by using a higher pressure pump that adds extreme pressure to the highly concentrated side of the membrane, forcing only water molecules through the semi-porous membrane, while blocking salts, minerals, and other impurities. Purified water is gathered at the lower end of the membrane, while salts and the other impurities are discarded into a brine stream then into a drain.

Date: May 2012

Country: Indonesia

System/Product: Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Flow Rate: 6,000 GPD; 5,000 PPM

Component & Brands:
- RO system RO-200 series: (BW-6.0K-440)
- Microprocessor control panel
- Twin alternating high pressure pumps


Estuaries and river openings are places where brackish water can be found. This type of water lies in between fresh water and seawater. It’s not as clean as fresh water, yet not so highly concentrated in salt as seawater. Even if it has a mild salt concentration, it is still not encouraged for consumption.



A commercial BWRO system was supplied to a major company in Indonesia to treat well water. The BW-6.0K-440 system was designed to produce 6,000 GPD at a feed water TDS of a maximum 5,000 ppm, it was selected from our RO-200 series and came complete with a microprocessor control panel along with twin alternating high pressure pumps. Since the initial startup, the system has been functioning accordingly with minimal mode troubleshooting. A commercial BWRO system is designed and manufactured to do away with large quantities of salts, minerals, and other impurities from wells, rivers, and lakes. In order to attain clean, potable water, the system utilizes a widely used process called "Reverse Osmosis".



  • Minimal civil work and construction
  • Small footprint
  • Plug and play installation
  • High-quality components (Grundfos pumps, DOW Filmtec membranes, Codeline vessels, Pure Aqua microprocessor control panel)
  • High recovery design
  • High rejection membranes
  • Low energy and chemical consumption



Commercial BWRO System 6000 GPD - Indonesia - Case Study [/custom-documents]

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    The system runs quietly and we have no quality issues

    Posted by Kelson D. on Feb 2nd 2017

    We bought a brackish water RO system to treat our high TDS well water

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