Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant 12,000 GPD - Saint Lucia

Product Description

Application: Food Industry

This is model #TW-12.0K-840 from our RO-200 Series

  • Turn Key System
  • All Skid Mounted, Pre-plumbed & Pre-wired
  • Filmtec LC HR-4040 Membranes
  • UV Sterilizer as Post Treatment


Water Challenges: The objective of this project was to lower the hardness level of water used in the food industry by reducing high magnesium and calcium levels. This is necessary since food companies require water that is softened and without harmful minerals that lessens the quality of water needed to produce fresh foods and maintain equipment. In order to provide these companies with good water, our team constructs water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis devices to reduce hardness for the purposes of producing greater amounts of fresh drinking water, preventing the damage of equipment, and other vital materials in the food industry.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures the most productive skid mounted (plug ad paly) reverse osmosis systems in the world for specific food industry applications. For this project, a reverse osmosis system completed production in order to go to Saint Lucia for the application of removal of magnesium from water. This RO system was designed to produce 12,000 gallons of water per day. We also utilize pre-treatment systems such as water softeners to ensure that the reverse osmosis systems will avoid fouling and losing the efficiency of its membranes through scale buildup during the removal process. The RO system will then be able to fully maximize its ability to produce pure drinking water by eliminating all other unwanted contaminants from the feed water.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.




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    Power efficiency is a lot better

    Posted by Jose G. on Apr 20th 2020

    We bought an Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant with maximum effectiveness

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