Commercial Seawater RO System 2100 GPD - Canada

Product Description

From its initial start-up, the system has been operating accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting. Commercial seawater RO systems are specifically designed to transform seawater into pure, potable water by eliminating massive amounts of salt, organics, and other contaminants from it. These systems rely on a popular method called “Reverse Osmosis” for help.

The method of reverse osmosis involves the use of a high pressure pump within the system which applies extreme pressure to the highly concentrated saline side of a semi-porous membrane forcing salty water and particles across the membrane, only allowing water molecules to pass through the very fine pores of this membrane. Salts, particulates, and other contaminants are rejected then discharged into a drain from the concentrate side while fresh, purified water emerges and is collected on the permeate side.

Date: May 2012

Country: Canada

System/Product: Commercial Seawater Reverse Osmosis 

Flow Rate: 2,100 GPD; 42,000 PPM

Component & Brands:
- RO system (SWC series)
- Microprocessor control panel
- Mulitmedia
- Antiscalant dosing system


Water-scarce countries such as Canada require a large amount of water distribution systems in order to supply their citizens with adequate amounts of freshwater.



A commercial seawater RO system to a company in Canada. The system came complete with a microprocessor control panel along with pretreatments consisting of a multimedia filter and antiscalant dosing systems. The SW-2.1K-204 system was designed to produce 2,100 GPD at a maximum 42,000 PPM feed water TDS. The system were selected from our SWC Series.



  • We have drinking water which is available
  • We help in the conservation of habitats
  • We have water for the agricultural sector
  • Helps preserve current freshwater supplies
  • Positive environmental effects
  • Proven and effective methods



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  • 5
    Consistent water quality...Excellent system.

    Posted by Minha M. on Mar 29th 2017

    Quality is tops, replacement parts were provided but none had been used yet. Excellent system.

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