Containerized Double Pass SWRO with EDI System 110 GPM - Turkmenistan

Product Description

Application: Power plant

This is model SW-136K-6680 (SWI Series) -TW-57K-2480 (RO-400 Series) & EDI

SWRO Features:
  • High pressure pump: FEDCO pump & energy recovery turbine constructed in duplex SS 2205. With VFD’s for high-pressure pump
  • Container: insulated, with A/C unit, LED lighting, diamond flooring & seaworthy certified
  • PLC/HMI: PLC controller Siemens S7-1200 with 9” touchscreen
  • Flushing: Permeate Auto flush at every shutdown with tank and level switches
  • Membranes: Low energy membranes Hydranautics SWC6-LD
  • Vessels: Membrane pressure vessels, Protec rated at 1000 PSI
  • Prefilter: Eden Excel cartridge filter housing with 5 micron cartridges


Water Challenges: Power plants require high quality water for the purposes of having smoother processes during operations. Seawater is not good option due to the high salinity in water, which causes scaling and damages in the equipment. For this reason, seawater must be completely treated to produce ultra-pure water in order to be accepted for use in power plants. Pure Aqua’s containerized double pass sea water reverse osmosis systems are designed to provide power plants with much needed water treatment for the production of high-quality water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures containerized double pass seawater reverse osmosis systems for the purposes of providing high quality water from seawater sources to power plants. Our double pass seawater reverse osmosis treatment meets all the requirements of the discharge permit and consists of extracting and eliminating impurities from seawater in two different stages. This allows us to produce ultra-pure water that is needed for certain industries such as in power plants. Our experienced professionals design and build custom-made seawater ro systems that are essential for various types of power plants projects.



  • All components are installed in a customized 45’ & 40’ ISO shipping containers, pre-piped and wired
  • Pretreatment filtration includes: Quadruplex multimedia filtration system, Prechlorination, Coagulation, Dechlorination and Antiscalant dosing systems.
  • 1St pass Sea water Ro system designed to produce 22 m3/hr at 37,000 PPM feed water TDS
  • Re-pressurization pumps for drinking water line
  • 2nd pass RO system designed to produce 8 m3/hr at 500 PPM feed water TDS
  • Electro-Deionization System designed to produce 7 m3/hr. Produces water up to 18 MΩ-cm, chemical free
  • Post treatment for drinking water line: remineralization system & chlorine dosing pump for drinking water line.




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  • 5
    They covered all what we need

    Posted by Frank A. on Feb 20th 2020

    Very neat-looking double ro machine. The design blends well with our new plant. All manuals are provided for simple operations and also has trouble shooting page which is great.

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