Removal of nitrate and nitrate products from water to produce a quality that answers common water standards. While nitrogen is a much needed resource for all living things on earth, the removal of nitrate is vital to the quality of your water. It is recycled in a procedure called the nitrogen cycle, which has many stages, with one being called denitrification. Denitrification is the final stage in the cycle that sees the minimization of nitrogen that contains gas such as nitrogen gas, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide from occurring. Denitrification is dependent upon the activity of microbes to dissolve elements that contain nitrogen. Microbial growth has a tendency to eliminate nitrate with the purpose of generating energy, however, denitrification arises during the process and nitrogen is minimized. As nitrate is used by the soil microbes in the process of reduction to create more nitrates, the levels are eventually reduced to nitric oxide and then to nitrous oxide and finally nitrogen gas.