Electro Deionization System for Cosmetic Industry 45 GPM - USA

Product Description

Application: Cosmetic Industry

This is model EDI-6

  • UL Listed
  • SS Feed & Product Water Piping
  • DOW EDI Modules
  • Microprocessor Control Panel
  • Cleaning Ports
  • Product Water Divert


Water Challenges: The cosmetic industry requires ultra-pure water to produce many of their products that includes makeup, conditioners, hair-care products, subscriptions, cleansers, etc. Each of these products are needed to pass strict standards from national and international bodies, including the parts and pipelines needed to be built for the systems and which materials guarantee the quality of water for the cosmetics.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures electro-deionization systems that along with reverse osmosis used as pretreatment produces ultra-pure water for the cosmetic industry. Our systems are designed to be optimally adapted and cover a large spectrum of water challenges in order to satisfy your industry’s requirements. From reverse osmosis pre-treatment to completing the purification process with the use of advanced electro-deionization systems, our engineers work to provide you with the highest quality water, along with the quantity of water you need as well. Electro-deionizaion does not require chemicals for regeneration.


Branding and product quality are the most important features for any cosmetic company, which is exactly what our water treatment solutions are tailor-made in providing these businesses to improve.


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    Works good

    Posted by Mouloud A. on May 10th 2020

    I have the system for about 3 months, and it is working perfect. Our quality of life increased million times thanks to this EDI system.

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