The accumulation of destabilized particles and micro flakes, and subsequently the formation of sizable flakes. One must add another chemical called flocculent in order to facilitate the formation of flakes called flocs.Flocculation needs soft blending and the utilization of flocculants with great molecular weight polymerics. Flocculants produce the edging of holes between the flocs and take up to the submicron flocs. Unrestricted flocs are produced when particles are brought closer together to decrease the energy barrier for flocculation. These flocs are combined, held together, and made more powerful until visibly suspended macro flocs are created. Sedimentation also arises when the correct mass, dimensions, and strength occurs. It should also be noted that flocculation usually arises as snowflakes or seawater sediments are formed, including in applications that involve mining, petroleum, biotechnology, etc.