Industrial SWRO Plant 136000 GPD - Maldives

Product Description

Application: Hotel & Resorts

This is model SW-136K-5680 from our SWI Series.

  • Pre-Chlorination
  • Multi-Media Filtration
  • De-Chlorination
  • Antiscalant Dosing
  • SWRO Industrial Plant
  • Produces 6,000 GPD
  • SWI Series [SW-136k-5680]
  • PLC Control Panel Floor Mount

Osmosis naturally moves salt through a very fine membrane from a low saline concentrated region to a high saline concentrated region. The reason it does that is mainly to accomplish an equal amount of saline concentration on both sides. These energy efficient reverse osmosis systems are tasked with coming in and directing osmosis in the opposite direction. First, seawater is moved through several pre-filters, in this case media filter, to eliminate particles and solids from the water. It then continues into the seawater reverse osmosis system where it is transported through partially porous membranes. At this level, the membranes eliminate particles that the pre-filters bypassed. The membranes are tasked with only allowing water to pass through while rejecting salts, minerals, and other impurities from carrying on. This is when purified, potable water emerges on the permeate side while salt, minerals, and other impurities are discharged into a drain from the concentrate side.

Pure Aqua, Inc. seawater reverse osmosis plants are designed to run under high or low TDS conditions. The built-in (VFD) Variable Frequency Drive can be adjusted to increase or lower the operation pressure according to feed water TDS and temperature. The VFD feature coupled with the Energy Recovery turbine system greatly improves the system efficiency and lowers electrical consumption. In today’s high energy cost globe, these are important features to have in any seawater reverse osmosis SWRO plant. To minimize antiscalant consumption dosing PA0100, the Pure Aqua SWRO plant utilizes low recovery ratio design. This simplifies the chemical storage logistics and reduces the cost of chemicals. This design also utilized low flux rate design (GFD) to ensure long membrane productivity life.


Water Challenges: The Maldives have faced the problem of freshwater shortages for years and has since greatly affected industries such as hotels & resorts. Hotels have been increasing their demands for high quality water in order to deliver maximum satisfaction to their guests. The staff also depends on clean water for consumption, and equipment performance, which uses a great deal of water to operate. Insufficient freshwater will further limit the quality service that is capable of achieving, and important hotel amenities such as excellent meals, showers, baths, and cleaning will no longer be providable. A recent order of a seawater reverse osmosis system was required for a hotel in the Maldives for the purposes of treating contaminated seawater and producing fresh, potable water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied an industrial seawater reverse osmosis plant for a resort in the Maldives. The equipment includes pretreatment consisting of multimedia filters and chemical dosing systems along with the actual SWRO system. For this specific application, the SW-136K-5680 system was used and designed to produce 136,000 GPD at a maximum 42,000 PPM feed water TDS. The entire plant is controlled by a floor mounted PLC panel for efficient and simple management.



  • Low energy consumption
  • Made in USA
  • Premium quality components
  • Quick to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Modular
  • Fully supported
  • High quality product water that meets the guidelines for Drinking Water Quality



Industrial SWRO Plant 136000 GPD - Maldives - Case Study[/custom-documents]

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  • 5
    The system is designed very well.

    Posted by Paco M. on Nov 6th 2018

    The system runs quietly and we have no quality issues on either the RO system or the produced water.

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