Industrial UV Water Purifier 130 GPM - Canada

Product Description

Country: Canada

System/Product: Industrial UVI System

Flow Rate: 130 GPM


This UVI system virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals. Water enters through the bottom port of the ultraviolet generator cell and swirls around a low pressure mercury vapor lamp, which emits powerful ultraviolet light energy at 235.7nm wave length. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms absorb the light energy which disrupts their DNA, and are destroyed safely inside a factory tested stainless steel cell. The treated water then exits through the top port of the cell and is ready for consumption.



An Industrial Ultra Violet System was supplied to a major water treatment company in USA. No extra, wasted space required for lamp removal.



  • Efficient removal of microorganisms
  • No need of chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Trouble free service once installed
  • Reliable performance
  • High safety
  • Fast/No reaction times
  • Clean Filtration
  • Low Energy Use




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  • 5
    High quality!

    Posted by Dan L. on Mar 13th 2019

    I will recommend this company for anybody who is looking for uv sterilizers

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