Industrial Water Maker & Industrial Brackish RO Unit 130,000 GPD - Oman

Product Description

Application: Sea Water for Ministry of Defense

This is model SW-188K-10580 from our SWI Series.

  • SWI series water maker
  • RO-400 series RO unit
  • Advanced PLC
  • Cleaning and flushing systems
  • Coagulant dosing system
  • Pre and post de-chlorination
  • Antiscalant chemical dosing system

The system design was based on high rejection TFC Spiral wound low fouling membranes. The Water Maker produced 188,000 GPD at a maximum 45,000 PPM feed water TDS while the Brackish RO Unit produced 130,000 GPD with a 100 ppm feed water TDS. From its initial start-up, the units have been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting. As a result, the military base has a reliable and steady supply of drinkable water at a cost far less than shipping water to the site.


Water Challenges: Military bases in Oman, such as the “Ministry Of Defense” requires a large supply of freshwater for the purposes of providing drinking water to soldiers and equipment that require the use of water. Since Oman is a country that does not possess sufficient freshwater supplies, the country depends on taking water from the sea and converting it into fresh, usable water. Seawater reverse osmosis systems are the treatment solutions utilized to achieve the purification process that effectively eliminates all unwanted impurities from the water, such as high levels of salt and minerals, into ultra pure water.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied a Double Pass Industrial Water Maker followed by an Industrial Brackish Water RO Unit to produce drinking water with Boron content less than 1ppm for a military base at the Oman Ministry of Defense. The Industrial Water Maker was selected from our SWI Series, while the Industrial Brackish RO Unit was selected from our RO-400 Series. These units came complete with an advanced PLC, cleaning and flushing systems, coagulant, pre & post de-chlorination, and antiscalant dosing systems. Feed water to the system is processed water and seawater well.



Seawater reverse osmosis systems are built for highly inconsumable water sources like the sea, removing enormous amounts of salt and other contaminants from them. Denying salts, particulates, and other contaminants from carrying on, water molecules are only permitted through the tiny pores of the membrane. Fresh, purified water emerges on the permeate side and is ready to be collected while salt, particulates, and other contaminants are discharged into a drain from the concentrate side. 


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    Engineers at Pure Aqua are knowledgeable & provide great customer service

    Posted by Mauricio A. on Feb 20th 2020

    That was the perfect fit for our water treatment project...the price was reasonable for the quality we got. Appreciated guys!

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