Media Filtration Skid 340 GPM - USA

Product Description

Application: Suspended Solids Reduction

This is model MLF63-A-F-TR from our MF-600 Series. 

  • Three media filtration tanks
  • Sand
  • Anthracite
  • Gravel


Water Challenges: Total suspended solids (TSS) are unwanted impurities that arise in water sources usually due to natural causes and affects the water quality depending on the quantity in the water. TSS produces turbidity which brings about even further unwanted effects such as changes in the watercolor, taste, and smell. Scaling is a direct issue from the presence of large amounts of suspended solids and decreases the overall productivity of industrial and commercial applications. For these reasons, the TSS of the water must be kept at a minimal state in order for the water to be considered usable for virtually any application. Media filtration has been and continues to be the most preferred option for suspended solids reduction.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua designs advanced water treatment systems that operate in countries all around the world. A media filtration skid was designed for a major company in the USA. It was a custom-designed system for this specific application and recently shipped. The skid has three media filtration tanks, each filled with sand, anthracite, and gravel. The entire system has a flow rate of approximately three hundred forty gallons per minute. This setup allows for a much larger constant flow of clean water than a typical duplex media filtration system.



  • Flow Rate: three hundred forty gallons per minute
  • Duplex media filtration system



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    Everything is exceptional.

    Posted by Paul V. on Mar 4th 2019

    I will recommend this company for anybody who is looking for Media Filtration Skids. Everything is exceptional.

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