Multi Media & Activated Carbon Filtration Systems 50 GPM - Nigeria

Product Description

Application: To remove chlorine, TSS, and turbidity

These systems are models MLF30-A & ACF30-A from our MF-1000 Series.

Since their initial startup, the multi-media and activated carbon filtration systems have been operating accordingly with minimal troubleshooting. For satisfactory results, the filtration systems utilized the following grades of media: Silica Sand, Anthracite, Activated Carbon, and Gravel.

Silica Sand is recognized globally as a highly effective filter media. It has the capability of blocking precipitates containing impurities and is specifically graded for water filtration systems. Its fundamental characteristics consist of filter sand size, hardness, and angularity which promote proper filtration.

Anthracite is black coal that has a large amount of fixed carbon than any known coal on the planet. It has been utilized as a water filtration method since ancient times. Anthracite is crushed to be used as a medium density filtration media. When crushed, some sediments are allowed to deeply penetrate into the bed. Anthracite is known to have reduced backwash rates, lengthy filter runs, and less head loss.

Activated Carbon is a black firm coal that has plenty of pores with a very large surface area. Activated Carbon is utilized in chlorine removal and some types of heavy metals bound to organic molecules. It removes a lot more contaminants from water than regular carbon. Resin is an insoluble support structure that usually comes in the form of small beads created from an organic polymer substrate.

Gravel is a sub-angular, firm, durable, and dense grain of predominantly siliceous material. Its physical properties are among the best available in the world for water filtration applications. Multi-media filters are manufactured to take out suspended particles from water sources with a turbidity of up to 20 NTU. During the first stage of the filtration process, small particles are transported down to a smaller and finer media levels. These filters contain cracks that collect. Activated carbon filtration systems utilize carbon to attract chemicals and impurities. Carbon consists of a little electro-positive charge that when water flows over the positively charged carbon surface, the contaminants negative ions are pulled toward the surface of the carbon granules. Activated carbon water filters take out impurities, odors, and colors from the water. The two commonly known conditions affecting the efficiency of activated carbon filtration is the quantity of carbon in the system and the amount of time the contaminants stay in contact with the carbon.


Water Challenges: Water with high concentrations of suspended solids and the presence of other unwanted impurities such as organic substances, chlorine, microorganisms, soil, clay, etc. Many of these dissolved solids are situated at the bottom of the water and are invisible to the naked eye. These substances are also responsible for creating turbidity, which might not have any health effects, but does indicate the presence of disease-causing organisms such as viruses, parasites, and bacteria. This includes producing murky or cloudy appearance in the water. In order to remove chlorine, total suspended solids (TSS), and turbidity from the water, there must be utilization of combining processes such as media filtration and carbon filtration. Each filtration system is designed to be these impurities through different grades of media from well water, and other water sources as well.



Applied Solution: Pure Aqua successfully manufactured multi-media and activated carbon filtration systems to a major company in Nigeria to remove particulates, chlorine, organics, and odor from well water. The multi-media and activated carbon filters were selected from our MF-1000 Series with 30” diameter steel tanks, electric actuated valves, and are controlled by an advanced PLC.



  • Multimedia Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Particle Filtration
  • PLC Controlled
  • 30" Diameter Steel Tanks [MF-1000]
  • Electric Actuated Valves
  • System’s Capacity: 50 GPM



Multi Media & Activated Carbon Filtration Systems 50 GPM - Nigeria - Case Study


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