Multi Media Filter 125 GPM - Yemen

Product Description

Application: RO Pre-Treatment

This is model MLF-48A-F from our MF-600 Series.

  • Multi-Media Filter
  • Pretreatment


Water Challenges: Media filters are designed to be the perfect pretreatment for water purification systems such as reverse osmosis, which produce freshwater by removing 99% of virtually all contaminants. However, what RO does not do so well, is eliminating particles and sediments that make up total suspended solids (TSS). The substances that makeup TSS are harmful to reverse osmosis since they often produce scaling when in high concentrations, which works to reduce the overall performance of these systems. So, to ensure that these organic and inorganic compounds do not make their way to the water treatment systems, the media filters are used as pretreatment to filter them out of the water before being sent for purification.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua, Inc. has recently manufactured and delivered a multimedia filter to Yemen. The purpose of this filter was to pretreat well water ahead of reverse osmosis. The flow rate is approximately 125 ppm and the valves are controlled by an electric actuator.


  • Flow Rate Of 125 GPM
  • Electric Actuators



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  • 5
    Awesome Engineering there!!

    Posted by Marcus R. on Mar 13th 2019

    Resolved low water quality issues at our hotel, so we contacted Pure Aqua for this wonderful MF system

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