Multimedia Filtration System for Silt Reduction 1,000,000 GPD- Kuwait

Product Description

Application: Silt Reduction

This is model 2 x MLF66-A-Q  from our MF-1000 Series.


Water Challenges: There are a number of different sources in which sediments can enter water supplies from. The avenues that allow sediments such as silt to infiltrate are found in damaged holes in wells, which include seals, casing, and screens. The resulting effects are harmful to turbidity, and scaling in water appliances, plumbing and pipes, which all work in creating less flow rate from the water system. Silt, along with other sediments is also prone to bringing in pathogens that attaches themselves with the sediments. In order to prevent these unwanted occurrences in your water system, there must be some type of filtration method (such as multi media filtration), used to act as a barrier that protects water supplies from particles entering through. The smaller the microns incorporated with the multi media filters, the greater chance there is in not allowing smaller particles from going through as well.



Applied Solution: This Industrial Quadruplex Multimedia Filtration system was designed and manufactured for Kuwait. The system consists of Pure Aqua, Inc.’s Media Filter MF-1000, model MLF66-A-Q which are 66x60 steel tanks. They have a max flow rate capacity of 952 GPM. The systems are fully automatic along with butterfly valves, and a PLC control unit. Its main objective is to remove turbidity in the water which are commonly found in surface water and can be used in vast applications. In order to remove the turbidity in the water the system uses Anthracite, Sand, and Gravel to meet with the water standards.



  • Eight Steel Media Tanks
  • 952 GPM
  • Backwash Once Per Day
  • 66 Inch Diameters
  • Quadraplex Multimedia filters
  • 66x60 Carbon Steel Tank
  • Galvanized Face Piping
  • Butterfly Valves
  • PLC Control
  • Pressure Gauges/Switches
  • High Quality Filtration Media




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  • 5
    Very reliable system.

    Posted by Fati Z. on Nov 19th 2019

    We have them ship the system here in Kuwait and it has been working well for almost a year now with no issues. Very reliable system.

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