Pilot Reverse Osmosis System for Antiscalant Testing 3,000 GPD - USA

Product Description

Application: Pilot System

This RO system is model #BW-3.0K-240 from our RO-200 Series.

  • FRP Pressure Vessels
  • Epoxy Coated Skid
  • Data Logging Module
  • Grundfos High Pressure pump
  • Pressure Transmitters & Transducers
  • Digital Flow Meters
  • 5 Micron Filter Housing
  • Programmable Logic controller (PLC)
  • pH Monitor
  • Programming recording of the daily maximum and minimum values
  • Factory Tested for Reliability and Designed to Work Seamlessly
  • Replacement Parts and Expert Advisors are always Close at Hand
  • Compact Design & Energy Efficiency
  • Long Service Intervals and Easy Maintenance


Water Challenges: An antiscalant manufacturing company was in need of testing their product on different types of membranes to examine its capabilities and effectiveness. Antiscalant itself is a preventative measure applied to a reverse osmosis water treatment system to condition the water and prevent scaling and buildup on the RO membranes. Therefore, it was in this company’s interest to test the effectivity of their production on an actual system.



Applied Solution: With our expert team of engineers, we were able to design a customized reverse osmosis system with additional features to allow the flexibility of testing, monitoring, and adjustments when needed. RO systems that use antiscalant avoid mineral scaling and thus can operate for extended periods of time between membrane cleanings. Also, antiscalants allow RO membrane systems to remove far more pure water from each gallon of feed water than would otherwise be possible. Furthermore, reverse osmosis was provided with high level of controls, remote monitoring and data logging.



Low operating cost, compact size, reduced footprint, and high quality production of freshwater.



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    Great system for antiscalant testing

    Posted by Ibrahim Khafagau on Apr 11th 2018

    I have purchased a complete reverse osmosis system Reverse Osmosis System. Thank you for the great system.

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