RO Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing 10 X 72,000 GPD - Peru

Product Description

Country: Peru

Capacity: 10 x 72,000 GPD

Date: May 2015

System/Product: SSC


Proper selection of cartridge filtration is a critical component of a membrane system. Failure to do so will properly increase the leakage of suspended solid contaminants that can lead to increased energy requirements, increased off-line cleaning requirements, and premature membrane replacement.



Our stainless steel cartridge filter housings SSC Series are ideal for most industrial applications. SSC housings easily accept PA Cartridges. With our wide range of models, options, and filter cartridges, these units can easily meet most requirements, such as: central filtration, point of use filtration, filtration of particulates, chlorine taste and odor, and for inhibition of scale and corrosion.

This particular SSC housing incorproated specialized features that provide great results in drinking water applications. The cartridge filter housing before the RO or NF systems is considered as the final polisher and acts as a final filtration stage before the membranes.
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    High quality!

    Posted by Majid G. on Apr 23rd 2020

    Very neat design and comes with all the components I need for a smooth operation.

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